Face Hole Cover NOT-A-Mask

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3 exciting new ways to cover your face hole from getting face hole droplets all over friends and fellow astronauts. Introducing Face Hole Cover Not-A-Masks!!! We have three exciting space themed options you can buy individually or as a pack!

"WARNING - Failure to equalize pressure before unlatching can result in crew injury and equipment damage"

I know we're all kind of in a world where things don't feel the same, but just imagine, if you were on the International Space Station... talk about isolation!!! We took the inspiration from the ISS's WARNING label as a reminder to keep your face mask on!

”Norminal” because everything is norminal-ish, or at least will be soon! 

And “Do Not Open Except For Use Or Inspection - Cleaned For Pressurization Services” which is maybe a good reminder even after an outbreak to just keep your mouth shut unless it’s your dentist wanting to look at your chompers. I’ll probably wear this every day anyway. 

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Masks are soft and lightweight. High quality print on cotton that's comfortable and fitted. 

*Mask is not FDA approved and is not a substitute for procedural, surgical or N95 masks