Sticker Pack 2.0

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In 1935, Stanton Avery invented the first self-adhesive label. Little did he know, less than a century later, his invention would have a genuine fake astronaut's face and logo all over it. And now YOU can take advantage of this cutting edge technology by getting some of these said stickers and STICKING them to whatever you want them stuck to. I know this is unheard of, but what are you waiting for? Try out this new technology!!!

Helmet Patch - 3" x 3.75" (76mm x 95mm)

Everyday Astronaut - 5" x 1.8" (127mm x 45mm)

Rocket Science - 6" x 1.75" (152mm x 44mm)

Remove Before Flight - 7.0" x 1.46" (178mm x 37mm)