Shipping Policy


PLEASE NOTE: Any order that is over 453.592 grams (16oz for those of us metrically impaired) in mass (on Earth) automatically will default you to Priority Mail per requirements of the USPS.  Since we don't have our own rocket powered, point to point shipping company (for now), this is not something that we can control, it's the pricing structure that USPS has in place.

Customers in the continental US can generally expect things (besides pre-orders and the like) to arrive within 3-5 business days.  While Priority mail may quote you that it will be there in two days, USPS does not guarantee this timeline, and we also may have a day or two in handling time as well, depending on the item and stock, so just like Astronaut Neil Armstrong said (probably) "Please be patient when ordering things online, you'll get your Grid Fin Not-A-Coasters when you get them."


Since SpaceX's Starship Earth to Earth transportation is currently unavailable (at the time of this writing), International orders can take up to 3-4 weeks depending on your country's customs policies and procedures.

While we do what we can to limit any tariffs, taxes, or additional fees, we cannot accept responsibility for any additional charges you may incur from your immigration offices and we will not be liable if you choose to accept the item and pay that customs fee, as that is at the discretion of your countries customs office and out of our hands. And as much as we like you, we won't lie about what's inside the package to skirt customs, (Sorry Jeff). 

Once a package departs the US, USPS generally does not offer tracking past that point.  While we will absolutely do what we can to fix any issues that may occur, please be patient, as getting responses on tracing issues is as difficult as refurbishing an RS-25 Space Shuttle Main Engine with a blindfold on (not really, by sort of?).

It's my hope that by shopping on Everyday Astronaut, you're wanting to help support a science creator, educator and spaceflight evangelist do what he loves doing (we're talking about Tim here folks), and we here at the shop are trying our hardest to offer fair pricing on items, shipping and customer service and not lose our "Future Martian" shirts at the end of the day.  

Thank you in advance for your support, understanding, and potentially patience (but hopefully not). 

Love - 

The Everyday Astronaut Shop