Starhopper Milky Way Horizontal

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On August 27, 2019, SpaceX successfully flew their Starship prototype known as Starhopper from their launch pad at Boca Chica Beach just outside of Brownsville, Texas. The vehicle only rose to about 150 meters, but was the longest flight of their Raptor engine, a full flow staged combustion cycle engine that runs on liquid methane.

This photo was taken only a few hours after the 50 second launch and landing after the roads were opened back up to the public. The vehicle translated from its launch pad to the landing pad only about 100 meters away from its launch site.

Photo by Tim Dodd (the Everyday Astronaut)

Image is printed on professional semi glossy photo paper.

11.5" x 17.25" (292 mm x 438  mm) (looks good either matted in a 12x18 frame or slightly trimmed in an 11 x 17 frame)