Full Flow Staged Combustion Cycle Tee

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The ultimate engine has come to life in Texas. The full flow staged combustion cycle is the most complex and advanced rocket engine, and SpaceX's Raptor engine will be the first to be operational. There's a lot going on between the dual preburners, the coaxial swirl injectors and the SX500 turbines... as a way to make sure you don't forget how all this stuff works, I put it on a shirt for you to enjoy, just like Elon Musk seems to enjoy it (that photo is real)

This limited edition shirt includes a special sewn on patch on the lower left hand side that says "Everyday Astronaut & Full Flow Staged Combustion Cycle" and just looks freaking awesome. 

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Shirts are soft and lightweight. High quality print on a 100% ring spun cotton shirt that's comfortable and fitted. Sizing chart.