Apollo Hatch Tee

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Apollo 11. Perhaps the greatest achievement of humans to date. For some reason, one item I've seen in different museums across the United States that always stands out to me is the hatch. It's stunning. And of course, there's a powerful and tragic story behind the hatch's redesign after the Apollo 1 fire. 

But to me the hardware of these missions tells a story. Sure, we all remember the astronauts and rightfully think about their heroism, but there were thousands and thousands of engineers who worked over time to create some truly stunning pieces of engineering. 

So to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, I thought it's time we reflect on what it was like to seal it up after being strapped in, then to look out its window and watch the moon grow closer, and finally to excitedly open it after splash down to breath fresh air again after the most epic human feat of all time.

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