Utility Pouch

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Have stuff? Want to put that stuff in a freaking utility pouch that looks like a Mk. IV Mercury pressure suit?!? (rhetorical question) I mean, you don't want your stuff floating around all willy nilly, right? Whether it be moon regolith, a tooth brush or two (you use two at once, right?), maybe some pencils, a spare SCE -> AUX switch, or even just some duct tape, you'd better not trust those valuables to something that doesn't look like a Mk. IV Mercury pressure suit... right???? 

These are 100% hand made by the talented Anthony Kovacs in Pittsburg, PA, USA. These are VERY limited edition, so get them while you can!


  • Aluminized-Nylon Coated Utility Fabric

  • YKK® Brass Zipper

  • 400D Pack Cloth


  • Diagonal zipper for larger opening

  • Everyday Astronaut Patch

  • Heavy Duty Steel D-ring

  • Mercury Mk. IV Pressure Suit-Inspired Design


8.5"w x 9.5"h (21 cm x 24 cm)